Network packets sniffer


Traceroute feature that allows to see on a World 3D map what path the data is taking to go from your computer to the target server.
Wikipedia page for Traceroute
"Who is" feature allows to get public information about a domain.

Wikipedia page for Whois
Network packets sniffer allows to see what data is being sent back and forth from the local system to the Internet. 
Wikipedia page for Packet sniffer

3D/2D visualization

Free and Open source

Cross platform

All data is vizualized in a 3D World map.
Low end computers or exotic OS that would have issues with OpenGL drivers can run the program using the 2D map.
The entire source code is fully available for download on Github .
The software is written in Java and runs on Windows, MacOS X, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE.
 LGPL V3 license
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